Distance learning

Online Education

Students who have completed their undergraduate degrees and are working and settled in cities other than Atlanta and who would like to become a student at the Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary but might not be able to relocate for an extended three-year period, can complete roughly two-thirds of their Master of Divinity degree online through the Distance Learning Program at the ITC. The other one third hours must be completed in residence. The "residence" part of the curriculum can be completed through special intensive blocks of classes at the ITC. Yes. Exactly. A student may take the majority of his/her classes toward the MDiv degree without having to leave his/her home. For more information about the Online Learning Program and Community here at the ITC, Click here:

Mobile Classroom

In additional to the Online Program at the ITC, The Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary presents its Seminary Days project, which is an opportunity for a local church, district, or Jurisdiction to receive continuing education and training onsite, i.e., without having to leave home. The workshops are 2-4 hours and can meet on Saturdays, during State Meetings, or during some other agreed upon sessions in local sites. If you would like to schedule a date for the Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary to conduct a training session in your local church, District, or Jurisdiction please complete and submit the following form: Click Here

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